Oregon’s sick leave law, which became effective January 1, 2016, requires employers to post notices informing employees of their rights. If your organizations have not posted the required notices, you are encouraged to do so as soon as possible. Click here for a printable BOLI poster that can be used to comply.

The new law also requires employers to adopt policies granting all employees –full-time, part-time, temporary, seasonal, on-call, etc.– sick leave rights. Although your organization’s sick leave or PTO accruals may be more generous than those required under the new law, that does not mean that your existing policies comply. In order to comply, all minimum requirements of the law must be satisfied. Minimum requirements include not only accrual rates, but provisions related to when employees can use sick leave, employee obligations pertaining to notice of absences, restrictions on when employers can require medical verification and other employee protections.

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