Is Your Law Enforcement Agency Prepared for Profiling Complaints?

HB 2002 (codified as ORS chapter 681), which requires law enforcement agencies to adopt written policies and procedures that prohibit profiling and provide a formal complaint process, goes into effect January 1, 2016. The policy and procedures must include a complaint and investigation process. Agencies have the option to handle receipt of profiling complaints on their own or defer to the LECC (Oregon Law Enforcement Contact Policy and Data Review Committee, an independent State-wide Governor appointed committee) to receive complaints and start an initial review of any complaint filed. After the initial LECC review, complaints will then be forwarded to the agency as appropriate. Agencies themselves will need to conduct their own investigations.

Law enforcement agencies should carefully review and update their current policies as needed to comply with the new Statute or consider creating a separate policy deferring initial complaints to LECC. The attorneys at PRH can help you weigh the benefits and options and assist as needed with your policy review and related needs.

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Additional information and FAQs can also be found at: LECC

HB 2002 can be found at: HB 2002

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